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Play, laugh, and do not fall down!

26. 07. 2021.

A big laugh often turns into a big cry. Every parent knows this, as accidents do happen during joyful play.

When Bobo Fun Park was designed, the most important aspect was to make sure that children come out the same way they went in – just a little more dishevelled, exhausted, and with a big smile on their face. For our part, we will do everything to ensure that it will happen like that, and now Dr Róbert Kőnig will give you some practical advice that are worth bearing in mind both inside and outside Bobo Fun Park.

Hand and face washing for all!

In the current situation the most important thing is to carefully wash your hands and face after leaving the play centre. Both you and your child should do that. Although there is a careful cleaning in Bobo Fun Park in the middle of the day, so all the critical parts are disinfected every four hours, it is still important that you also do everything to avoid infections and viruses.

What is the most dangerous game? Not the one you would think!

The quality of play centre devices is generally better than that of a playground, also because a play centre is not exposed to the weather and is typically better padded, too. Nevertheless, dangers are similar: according to the paediatric surgeon, most injuries are caused by falls in both places.

Parents usually worry when they see their children climbing up high, however, the most dangerous parts of a playground are the stairs of the slide. Children move much more carefully when they are up high, and there are safety ropes, nets, and thick sponges to protect them in case they accidentally slip. In addition, while walking up high is a game in itself, the slide stairs are just an obstacle to overcome if they want to slide. They do not want to climb stairs, they want to slide, so their thoughts run ahead and they don’t watch their movements. So it is worth standing by the steps and watching out for our kid.

What can parents do?

"Wait a second!" you may say these caring but firm words to your own child and to other kids if you see that a particular game is just getting a bit too chaotic. It is especially important when children climb into something, and the others have to wait until those inside come out. Continuous adult supervision is essential.

Even 10-12-year-old children can do shockingly dangerous things, while teenagers test their boundaries on purpose

– says the paediatric surgeon of St. János Hospital in Budapest. Injuries can happen even if we do everything to avoid them. According to the doctor, this happens because even a smaller fall can result in a fracture if the child reaches the ground in an unfortunate way.

Should we be afraid of the climbing wall?

How dangerous is a high climbing wall according to the paediatric surgeon? It is one of the safest elements. The reason for this is continuous supervision, so even if children make a mistake, they will still hang on a rope in the air. Dr Róbert Kőnig, who has tried amateur wall climbing himself, points out that wall climbing is not for every child, and it is important to do it gradually, taking into account the child’s level of tiredness. According to the expert, it is worth starting with the climbing wall, for both children and adults, and then testing the boulder, e.g. climbing up to the Bobo Boulder right by the entrance. Climbing a wall side by side with your child takes the expression of a parent and child experience to a whole new level.