The Arena is open from Wednesday to Sunday, with Monday and Tuesday off. From 14th Juni until 3rd September we are open all days of the week.

Morning: 10 AM - 2 PM

Afternoon: 3 AM - 7 PM

The ticket office opens 30 minutes before the start of the playing time. In case you have not bought your ticket online in advance, you can buy it on the spot. You can also buy a pair of special non-slip socks which is mandatory for entering the playing area.

You must also sign a Statement of Liability before you enter. In case you are under 18, this must be signed by your parents or another adult accompanying you. It is advisable to fill out the statement at home, and taking it with you in a printed form, as this will speed up your entry process significantly.
In case we can not clearly decide if you are under 18, we may ask you to show your ID card or student card. Children under 10 can only enter the Fun Park if accompanied by a person over 18.

The prices are valid for one entry only and are usable for a maximum of 4 hours playing time. Regardless of the arrival time, the playing time expires at the end of the slot (2:00 PM or 7:00 PM). Next priority is disinfection, so we will ask you to leave the playing area.

Secure your place! Buy your ticket in advance from home! Buy now
Age reached at the time of entry Arena ticket? Adrenalin+ ticket?
Until 30.03. and between 19.04.-15.06.2023.
(20% discount on Wednesdays)
0-1 years free of charge -
2-5 years HUF 2,100 -
6-12 years HUF 3,400 HUF 5,400
13-64 years HUF 3,900 HUF 6,200
65+ years,
pregnant women
HUF 2,100 -
Disabled guests free of charge -


0-1 years free of charge -
2-5 years HUF 2,400 -
6-12 years HUF 3,800 HUF 5,800
13-64 years HUF 4,400 HUF 6,700
65+ years,
pregnant women
HUF 2,400 -
Disabled guests free of charge -

Prices are valid until 15.06.2023. We reserve the right to change prices.

The Arena can be visited only in special non-slip socks that you can buy at the Bobo Fun Park. Price: HUF 700/pair Once you have bought them, you can bring them with you on your next visit.

You have bought an Arena ticket but you feel like trying the attractions available with the Adrenalin+ ticket? Just buy a supplementary ticket at the ticket office, and you are ready for adventure! For guests having an Arena ticket, the supplementary ticket costs HUF 2,500.

Entry is free of charge for birthday boys/girls! 1 free Arena ticket is provided to the birthday celebrator, which can be issued once during a 7-day period preceding or following the birthday date. Make sure to indicate your entitlement for the discount before you buy your ticket! We will also check your identity card to verify that. Are you after even more challenges? You can test the attractions available with an Adrenalin+ ticket in the Arena with a supplementary ticket (HUF 2,500).

You want to come back over and over again? Our discounted season passes make regular exercise fun. Use a pass to visit us every week or buy one as a gift!

More flexibility for Kolping Hotel guests! Looking for challenges during the family holiday? You can enjoy active adventures even between two hotel programmes! If you are a guest, your Arena and Adrenalin+ ticket is valid for multiple entries, both for the morning and the afternoon playing slot of the given day. Extend your holiday! You can take advantage of the hotel guests’ benefits on the entire day of your arrival or departure.

Are you planning a birthday party or a company team building? Choose from our birthday packages compiled in advance! For group prices and further information write to