As a parent in the play centre: to watch or to join?
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As a parent in the play centre: to watch or to join?

05. 07. 2021.

"Do or do not. There is no try," says Master Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back. This is a true advice for playing with your child, too: you should either play with them as enthusiastically as you can or let them find their way on their own, but a solution in between the two makes no real sense.

Although going to the playground after nursery/school and visiting a play centre at weekends may seem similar, there is a huge difference between the two. Parents usually think that going to the playground during the week is an important way for children to burn off extra energy, which is better to do outside than at home, also for practical reasons. However, this is not the only function of a playground, as it improves creativity, helps our kid socialise, and it is a good transitional zone between the nursery/school and home. And although there are parents who can invent a superb role play with dragons and fairies on an average Tuesday afternoon, involving half the playground in the end, this, to be honest, can not be an expectation for parents. Of course, it is great to have the energy to play with your child on the playground, but it is also alright if you just want to sit on a bench, enjoy fresh air, and try to sort out the thousands of thoughts swirling in your head.

However, going to a play centre at weekends or during holiday is different. On the one hand, while weekday playground is part of your child’s daily routine, going to the play centre is a feast. Your child may be excited days before the visit, especially if you are about to go to such a new and exciting place as Bobo Fun Park – you have to show them a thousand times the photos and videos taken there, and promise that you will also try the climbing wall.

And really, why would you miss that?! All experts agree that playing with your child is extremely important in developing their own personality and your relationship. If you doubt it, just think about how good it was when your parents played with you as a child. Or how good it would have been... Anyway, the conclusion is the same: roll up your sleeves and play together!

We’ll tell you a secret: Bobo Fun Park is designed to be a place of great fun not only for children but for parents, too. Among the games developed for various age groups, you will find plenty that will challenge you, while some activities, which you thought you could do blindfolded may be even be too difficult for you. The same rule applies to playing as to cycling: you can not forget but you can easily fall out of the routine. Bobo Fun Park is a great place to get back to it and explore many new games, which you only dared to dream of as a child.

Last but not at all least, share experience with your child. Once you have come to a super exciting play centre and bought the tickets, instead of being really exhausted at the end of a busy weekday, you have no excuse but to go for it. After all, you can check your phone any time, but there are not many places where you can compete with your child on a Ninja Course. These are the moments that you will recall with a big smile on your face when telling stories to your family. And yes, you will be surprised to see that your kid is often more skilled than you are. And if you still feel like running out of energy, you should remember Yoda’s advice. May the force be with you. And in the evening, it is not only your child who will fall asleep early.