This must be repeated again and again! Because jumping on trampolines is the most fun way to relieve daily tension. There is always room to perfect your climbing technique, and there are countless courses and levels to conquer in the giant-display games. Let’s meet again and again!

Switch to a season pass!

Looking for regular, active recreation? Get a fun workout in the Bobo Fun Park arena. We recommend our passes if you

  • have simply fallen in love with the park and can’t wait to come back again and again
  • are looking for regular exercise without strict timetables
  • feel it is important for your child to be active but cannot undertake the constraints of competitive sports
  • are looking for a weather-independent, active afternoon or weekend activity for your kindergartener or young schoolchild

Age reached at the time of entry Arena ticket? Adrenalin+ ticket?

Valid for 60 calendar days from the date of purchase, 1 visit is maximum of 4 hours of play.
Can be used any day of the week.

2-5 years 7 900 HUF -
6-12 years 11 600 HUF 18 600 HUF
13-64 years 14 500 HUF 21 400 HUF

Valid for 30 calendar days from the date of purchase, for an unlimited number of visits.
Can be used any day of the week.

2-5 years 11 500 HUF -
6-12 years 16 800 HUF 24 400 HUF
13-64 years 21 100 HUF 28 100 HUF

Prices are valid until 31 December 2022, subject to change without notice.

The passes can be purchased at the Bobo Fun Park ticket office. Good to know:

  • Season passes are for personal use and are non-transferable. Photo identification is required upon entry.Admission is guaranteed with a season pass, meaning you get in even if the facility is at full capacity.
  • The season pass can be used during the generally advertised opening hours, but not for private events or special programmes that require a separate ticket.
  • Upon the season pass purchase, we provide you with a plastic card, which you are asked to bring with you at each visit. We, therefore, require a deposit of HUF 1,000 when you receive the card.
  • 1 adult accompanying a season pass-holder under 12 years of age can buy a discounted Arena ticket for HUF 1,600 per ocassion. This can be purchased at the ticket office on arrival.
  • The Arena can only be entered wearing special non-slip socks purchased at Bobo Fun Park. Price: HUF 600/pair. Once purchased, you can bring them with you next time you come!